• International Money Transfer

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  • Money Laundering Prevention Statement

    In the wake of financial institutions at the risk of being exploited as a tool to fund crimes and terrorism activities, TOP FUNDS MONEY TRANSFER therefore recognises her responsibility to play her part in ensuring the prevention of these crimes spreading thus threatening the global institution.

    In light of this, TOP FUNDS MONEY TRANSFER is committed to ensuring working within the confines of the law. Hence, TOP FUNDS MONEY TRANSFER

    Reserve the right at all times to refuse the processing of transfer request at any stage where in its sole discretion; it is believed that such transfer is connected in any manner to drugs, money laundering, terrorism and other unlawful activities.

    Must keep abreast regulated policies for implementation

    Operates know your customer policy (KYC) through customers identification

    Must keep transaction records for a minimum period

    Must report suspicious transactions to authorising centre